How do I share a file with collaborators?

Reading time: 2 minutes

There are two ways of sharing in Cloud – shared workspaces, and shared files

Share a workspace with your team

Sharing access to a workspace with your team enables all of you to upload, organize and work on you files and folder as you will.

To share access to your workspace:

  1. Open your workspace settings from the workspace menu
  2. Go to member settings
  3. Add your team's emails
  4. Your team will receive an email helping them create an account if needed. If they already have an account, they'll can now select your shared workspace in their workspace menu.

Share a file with people outside your team

If you want to share access to a file with someone outside your regular team, without giving them full access to your workspace,

  1. In your library, click the ••• next to the recording, or right-click it, to open the context menu, and select "Share"
    In the file view, click the "Share" button in the header
  2. Input the emails you want to share with separated by commas (,)
  3. The invitees will receive an email, and be asked to create an account if they don't already have one
  4. They'll find the shared recording in their "Shared with me" section
    1. You can also share open the shared file, copy the URL, and send it to them directly after adding them to the file in the "share" modal