Podcasting, simplified

A self-contained recording kit for capturing interviews in the field. Completely wireless from microphone to cloud.

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Meet The Nomono Sound Capsule

Space Recorder

Built-in 8 element Ambisonic microphone array for capturing room tone and scene tape in 3D spatial audio.


Stellar Mics

Buffered wireless microphones for asynchronous transfer of high-resolution digital audio files and metadata with zero dropouts


Charging Case

Thoughtful design makes for simple 
drop-and-go charging in any orientation. Built right into the carrying case.

Everything you need

Great sounding
recordings, anywhere.

Four wireless microphones and a central recorder, charged together in a single case that fits in the palm of your hand. The portability and quality to capture natural conversations in comfortable locations.

Uncomplicated setup

Simplicity without
sacrificing quality.

No wires. No levels to set. Just you and your guests having a conversation without worrying about the technology.

Instant upload

Synced to the cloud.

Access your recordings in the Nomono Web App. All files are backed up and ready to share, enhance and download.

The Nomono Web App

A home for all your recordings. Enhance, organize and collaborate.


Audio processing

Automatic dialogue enhancement, crosstalk- and noise reduction makes your files sound amazing.



Get feedback from your team and clients in real-time. Timestamped comments save time during review and approval.



Get the original or enhanced WAV files and you’re ready for editing, mixing and publishing.

How it works

  1. Hand out mics
    Attach them using the clip or included magnets.
  2. 2
  3. Press record
    No levels to set or settings to worry about.
  4. 3
  5. Upload and enhance
    Auto-upload to the Web App, enhance and review.
  6. 4
  7. Download your recording
    Use the original or enhanced version in post-production.

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Technical Specifications

Why Nomono?

An easy way to capture great sound, anywhere.

PortableSuper easy to useNo setup time
High-resolution recordingsAutomatic cloud syncAI-powered audio processing