Remove the noise
to amplify the story

No more noise. No more knobs. No more mono.

We're team of 33+ passionate people

We are a team of 33 (and growing) with expertise across signal processing, acoustics, consumer electronics and media production.

Our company was founded in 2019 by Audun Solvang, Jonas Rinde, and Sigurd Saue. While most of us work from our headquarters in Trondheim, Norway, a select few hang out in Oslo and New York (but secretly wish they lived in Trondheim.)

We're here to simplify podcasting

We're working together to simplify the production process for podcasters and broadcast journalists. Our goal is to enable meaningful conversations and storytelling without technology getting in the way.

We build hardware and software that is intuitive, collaborative and easy-to-use while delivering exceptional audio quality.

We do it for the love of sound

We do it for the love of sound, stories, and human connection. From cave paintings to podcasting, great stories are what connects people. Nomono enables storytellers to be creative by freeing them from the complexity of audio production. We build technology that fades into the background and feels invisible, to make audio storytelling a human experience, not a technical challenge.

Our Investors

  • Sintef
  • Spintop
  • Investinor
  • Skyfall
  • Startup Lab
  • Middelborg
  • Schibsted Ventures
  • Hospitality Invest

Our Commitments

Our products are high-end and built to last. Through this, we aim to reshape the way we think about consumer electronics to leave behind the throwaway mentality and build emotional durability instead. In this work, we aim to be honest, direct, and transparent. Our focus is to always make sure quality, environmental impact, and labor practices live up to our high standards.

With this, we have joined Ethical Trade Norway along with some of Norway's largest companies in a binding and systematic way to ensure sustainable supply chains and be held accountable.

You can read more about the guidelines for our suppliers here.

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