Beta Program Terms

Last modified
3. November, 2022

By signing on and using Nomono, you are accepting these terms for beta-testing of Nomono (the “Beta-service”). These terms are a part of Nomono’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Notice, see below.

As a beta-tester you are granted a non-exclusive, time-limted, personal license to evaluate the Beta-service. Your use of Nomono shall only to beta-test the Beta-service.

Nomono may at any time stop the Beta-service which cause the termination of these terms and and the license you have been grantet. Any terms which is intended to survice termination, shall continue to be in force. Nomono may also terminate these terms and/or license at any time, without any notice and without any cause.

By signing on for beta-testing, you accept that Nomono, or the version of Nomono/the Beta-service you have signed up for as beta-tester, is under development and bug-fixing, and may have errors, functions which are not working or have flaws, and from time-to-time may not be available or be stopped.

You are responsible for all files you upload and data you provide to the Beta-service, and understand that data or information may be edited, corrupted or lost by using the Beta-service. Nomono has under no circumstances any liability for any costs or loss, and you are entirely responsible for your use of the Beta-service.

You undertake to evaluate the Beta-service diligently, shall report promptly to Nomono all faults and problems with the Beta-service which is discovered and you shall co-operate in diagnosing and correcting such faults and problems upon request by Nomono.

For any information you provide during the beta-testing of the Beta-service, you may be requested or will without request provide comments, feedback, ideas, reports, suggestions, data or other information to Nomono (collectively “Feedback”). You agree to permit Nomono to use any Feedback, inclusive any Confidential Information as defined below, provided by you without limitation and without any remuneration to you, to develop and enhance the Beta-service and any final version of services by Nomono. These terms imposes no obligation on Nomono to use your Feedback.

All intellectual property rights under the general Terms & Conditions also applies for the Beta-service.

For any Feedback or other information provided by you that you communicate to Nomono and any information provided to you by Nomono during the Beta-service, inclusive any information on the service, documentation, design, code, functionality etc. shall be considered confidential (the “Confidential Information”), and the following terms shall apply: (i) you may use such Confidential Information only for testing the Beta-service; (ii) you will protect Confidential Information and to prevent any unauthorized use or disclosure of Confidential Information; and (iii) you may not share Confidential Information with any third party. Upon termination of these terms, you accepts to delete all Confidential information and any other information you have received or prepared as part of the testing the Beta-service or any other information related to Nomono. Also note the confidentiality obligations under Nomono’s Terms and Conitidon.

Any personal data being processed by beta-testing the Beta-service is subject to Nomono’s Privacy Notice, see below.

By testing the Beta-service under these terms, you also accept the Nomono’s Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Notice which these terms form part of, and confirm that you have read the aforesaid:

  • The general Terms and Conditions for Nomono can be found here:
  • The Privacy Notice can be found here: