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Create episodes and edit recordings

Trim, cut, split and move clips around. Discuss edits with your team using comments. Add your intro and music, and enhance recordings.

Split audio

Split your audio into clips, re-arrange parts and remove silent segments with a few simple clicks.

Add audio

Drag and drop recordings, music and sound effects to your episode and create polished transitions.

Trim audio

Trim your recording with precision, remove unwanted segments and only keep the parts you want.

Give and receive feedback in context

Skip the ad-hoc Google docs and long email threads. Comment directly on specific audio segments when you edit episodes.

One-click professional sound

Level voices, reduce crosstalk, remove noise and shape the sound of your recordings like a professional audio engineer — at a click of a button.

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Toggle between a raw Sound Capsule recording and two of our enhancement presets to hear the difference.

Nomono Cloud is great for

Content Creators

Focus on crafting the story with Nomono Cloud while our intelligent processing brings out the best in your audio.


Simplify the editorial process and revisions by connecting your audio assets and associated feedback in one location.


Organize all your interview content, clean up background noise, and share with your team from a single tool.

Sound Designers

Automate tedious audio cleanup tasks and make it easy for your clients to comment on mixes and revisions.

Try our Pro plan for free

While Nomono Cloud is in beta, you have a chance to try out our Pro plan for free for 12 months after the purchase of your Sound Capsule.


    75 GB CLOUD storage

    120 minutes audio enhancement

    1 EDITOR

    UNLIMITED reviewerS

    Dedicated workspace

    Collaboration features included


    cloud editing

    Customer support

    $0 / month


  2. PRO

    250 GB CLOUD storage

    240 minutes audio enhancement

    1 EDITOR ($29 per SECOND EDITOR)

    Unlimited reviewers

    Dedicated workspace

    Collaboration features included


    Cloud editing

    Customer support

    $29 / month

    All prices exclude TAX/VAT

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Patented Audio Processing

Our processing adapts to each individual recording, making sure you get the best possible sound from your audio. Here's a summary of our technology.

See what's inside


Crosstalk Reduction

An AI-based method for reducing crosstalk between voice tracks. Crosstalk introduces undesirable artifacts when mixing the tracks.


Adaptive Leveler

Levels out loudness differences in speech within a single track and between tracks without affecting the noise floor.



A powerful AI-based denoiser that identifies and reduces background and handling noise in your recordings.


High pass filter

Greatly reduces frequencies below
the range of the speaking voice, e.g. electrical hum.


Notch EQ

Recognizes constant, pitched noise sources (such as buzzing light dimmers) and reduces them significantly.



Removes excessive sibilance in your recording when any hissing s-like sounds are identified.


Active speaker detection

Intelligent analysis of your audio to detect what microphone is in use that serves as an assistant to other enhancement features.


Mute inactive speakers

AI-based detection of speaker activity in each voice track is used to reduce levels in inactive intervals.


Spatial distribution

Spread out voices spatially for improved audibility with headphones by leveraging localization data from the Stellar Mics.


Tone-shaping EQ

Shapes the frequency content of voices to make them sound more pleasant.


Loudness normalization

Normalize the overall level of the mix to a standard target (e.g. broadcasting -23 LUFS).

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