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Sound Capsule

The Sound Capsule

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  • 4 wireless stellar mics

  • Spatial sound recorder

  • Portable charging case

  • 12 months access to Pro plan included

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  • One year warranty

What’s in the box

When you purchase our package, you'll get all these:

  • Space Recorder

    No levels to set or settings to worry about. Recordings auto-upload to Nomono Cloud.
  • 4x Stellar Mics

    Attach them using the clip or included magnets.
  • Charging Case

    Charge and carry wherever you go. The Charging Case holds an additional 1.5x cycles for the Space Recorder and all 4 Stellar Mics.
  • Accessories

    Windbreakers, USB-C charging cable and extra magnets come in a neat accessory case to keep everything organized.

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