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Turn any conversation into a great podcast

High-end microphones combined with our patented audio processing provide great-sounding recordings in almost any environment.

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What’s included

Everything you need to start
Space Recorder

Records voice from all Stellar Mics and ambiance with multidimensional sound.

Handles 12 tracks of audio at once for 10 hours straight. Export via USB-C* or seamlessly sync via Wi-Fi.

*coming soon

Space Recorder
4x Stellar Mics

Easily attachable high-end microphones.

No wires, no setup required.

Stellar Mics
Charging Case

Charge and carry on the go.

Provides 15 hours of extra battery life for up to 25 hours of recording in total.

Charging Case

Windbreakers, USB-C cable and extra magnets come in a neat accessory case to keep everything organized.



Podcasts & shows made with Nomono
In good company

The CEO of the largest single investor in the world, Norges Bank Investment Management, interviews leaders of the largest global companies. You will get to know the leaders, their strategy, principles, and much more.


"Lessons from Pursuing My Dreams" by Evingerlean Blakney, Ph.D, "The Past Doesn't Define the Future" by Nakya Carter, and many other episodes were recorded by Earfluence.

The Bourbon Life

In 2018, bourbon lover Mark Rucker launched The Bourbon Life, combining his Kentucky pride, bourbon passion, and photography on Instagram. Now – one of the leading bourbon podcasts with over 50k listeners.

Revolutionary audio technology

Capture up to four voices and ambience in the field, spatial audio-ready. At the push of a button.

Space Recorder

A Wi-Fi connected recorder that captures voice from each Stellar Mic and ambience in 3D space. That's 12 tracks of audio at once.

Stellar Mics

4 high-end wireless mics engineered for voice clarity. They buffer audio locally and transfer it back to the Space Recorder with zero dropouts.

Charging Case

A protective case with a built-in charger for additional 1.5x charges of the Space Recorder and Stellar Mics. Smaller than a soccer ball.

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Scandinavian design,
made in Norway.

Your Sound Capsule is high-end and built to last, and arrives in fully recyclable packaging.

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Control recordings from your phone

Use the Companion app to set up your Sound Capsule. Connect it to Wi-Fi to upload your recordings to Nomono Cloud.

Receive 12 months of access to our Pro plan

When you buy the Sound Capsule, free Cloud is always included. Besides, you get 12 months of access to our Pro plan for Nomono Cloud. No commitment.

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