Sound Capsule

Sound Capsule

Record anywhere with the world's first portable podcast studio. All your audio, synced to Nomono Cloud for enhancement, editing, and collaboration.

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  • 4 wireless Stellar Mics

  • Space Recorder

  • Portable charging case

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  • Turn any conversation into a great podcast

    High-end microphones combined with our patented audio processing provide great-sounding recordings in almost any environment.

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    What’s included

    Everything you need
    Space Recorder

    Just press record. It automatically syncs with Nomono Cloud.

    4x Stellar Mics

    Clip-on or attach them using the included magnets.

    Charging Case

    Charge and carry on the go. It holds an extra 1.5x cycles for your kit.


    Windbreakers, USB-C charging cable and extra magnets come in a neat accessory case to keep everything organized.

    Control recordings from your phone

    Use the Companion app to set up your Sound Capsule. Connect it to Wi-Fi to upload your recordings to Nomono Cloud.

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    Order arrives at your doorstep

    Set up Sound Capsule with the Companion app and start recording.

  • Revolutionary audio technology

    Capture up to four voices and ambience in the field, spatial audio-ready. At the push of a button.

    Space Recorder

    A Wi-Fi connected recorder that captures voice from each Stellar Mic and ambience in 3D space. That's 12 tracks of audio at once.

    Stellar Mics

    4 high-end wireless mics engineered for voice clarity. They buffer audio locally and transfer it back to the Space Recorder with zero dropouts.

    Charging Case

    A protective case with a built-in charger for additional 1.5x charges of the Space Recorder and Stellar Mics. Smaller than a soccer ball.

    Scandinavian design,
made in Norway.

    Your Sound Capsule is high-end and built to last, and arrives in fully recyclable packaging.

    Receive 12 months of access to our Pro plan

    When you buy the Sound Capsule, you get 12 months of access to our Pro plan for Nomono Cloud included with your order.

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