Adding and editing comments and markers

Reading time: 2 minutes

How do I add markers and comments to my recording?

Step 1:

Find and click on the recording you want to add comments to.

Step 2:

With your mouse, click-and-drag across the region where you want to you want to leave your marker and associated comments. When you let go of your mouse, the comment section will appear automatically, beneath the selected marker.

Step 3:

1. Type your comment in the text box.

2. To save your comment, click the send icon to the right.

How do I edit or delete an existing comment?

  • You can only edit comments or replies you have added yourself.
  • You cannot edit other peoples comments or replies.
  • You can however delete a whole comment thread, if you made the original comment that other people have replied to.

This is how you edit a comment:

Step 1.

In the recording timeline, find the comment/reply you want to edit. Click the comment to open up the comment thread.

Step 2:

To edit a previously written comment, simply click the text itelf.

Step 3:

  • Write you whatever you may want to write.
  • To save your edited comment, click anywhere outside of the red box, as shown in the picture beneath.