Setting up your Sound Capsule

Reading time: 5 minutes

Setting up your Sound Capsule: A step-by-step guide

Congratulations on your new Sound Capsule purchase!

Before we dive into the setup process: while this guide is here to help, your Sound Capsule and its Companion App have been designed to guide you seamlessly through the entire setup. This guide however, is a handy reference for those who appreciate a bird's eye view of the entire process.

Let's begin!

Step 1:

Unveiling Your Sound Capsule.

  • Place your Sound Capsule on a steady surface.
  • Press down the two handles from the top. This action releases the locking mechanism.
  • Lift the lid off.

Step 2:

Wake Up, Sound Capsule!

  • Once the lid is off, your Sound Capsule should come to life, illuminating its display.

What if my Sound Capsule doesn't turn on?
No worries! Just charge it using a suitable power adaptor for a few hours.

How to I turn it off again later?

There is no on/off buttons on your Sound Capsule.

  • Simply lifting the lid off will wake it up.
  • Replace the lid, and the Sound Capsule will switch to a power-saving sleep mode.

Step 3:

Download the Companion app.

Your Sound Capsule's display will read: "Ready to connect", asking you to download and install the Companion App on your mobile phone.

Download the Companion App here:

Apple users → Find the Companion App in the App Store here.

Android users → Find the Companion App in Google Play here.

You may also search for the app yourself. Just enter the App Store or Google Play and search for "Nomono Companion".

Step 4:

  • Open up the Companion App on your mobile.

Step 5:

  • In the Companion App, tap "Ok" when prompted.

Bluetooth is needed to connect your Sound Capsule to the Companion App.

Step 6:

Setting up your Nomono Cloud account.

New Nomono Cloud users

  • Sign up using your Apple, Google account or email address.

Existing Nomono Cloud users:

  • If you previously have signed up for a Cloud account through our website, or if you already own one or more Sound Capsules, Sign in (rather than sign up) using the same method as your initial registration.

Step 7:

After signing up you should see the following message.

  • Head to your email inbox and continue to step 8.

Step 8:

Email verification.

  • Check your email for a message from
  • Click "Get started".

If you can't find the email:

  • Check if it is in your email providers spam folder.
  • If you still can't find it, continue to step 9 (point 2).

Step 9

Go back to the Companion App on your mobile phone.

1. If you've verified your email → tap "I've verified my account".

2. If you haven't received any verification email from us, (as stated in step 8), tap "resend email".

Step 10:

Your Cloud account has now been set up and a welcoming introduction appears in the app.

  • Browse through the three introductory slides in the app by tapping "continue".

Step 11:

Welcome to the home screen of your Companion App. All Sound Capsule's in range will be displayed here.

  • Click on the Sound Capsule.

Good to know:

For a quick heads-up, your Companion App will only detect Sound Capsules when their lids are off.

Step 12:

Personalizing your device.

  1. Name your device. This name will sohw up in your app later on.
  2. Tap "Continue".


You can remove the default name "Sound Capsule".

Step 13

Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Connect your Sound Capsule to your Wi-Fi network.

(we have blurred out our network names in the image beneath)

Step 14

Now, let's connect your Cloud account to your Sound Capsule. This enables auto synch into your Cloud account and a lot more.

  • Tap "continue to verification".

Step 15:

Pairing devices.

  1. Ensure the verification codes in your Companion App and on your Sound Capsule match.
  2. If they do, tap "confirm" in the app.

Step 16

  • Tap "Cancel" to close the setup screen.

You're all set and the setup is now complete! Feel free to start recording with your new Sound Capsule.

Welcome aboard and happy recording!