Frequently asked questions about Enhancement

Reading time: 3 minutes

Do I need Nomono Cloud to Enhance my recordings?

Yes, you do. Nomono Cloud and your Sound Capsule goes hand in hand.

Your Sound Capsule makes sure you get the best recording possible from the equipment side. With that recording, Nomono Cloud takes the audio quality to the next level with our Ai enhancement. Our Ai Enhancement is tailored to the technology used in your Sound Capsule, so using both together, gives you the best result possible.

Can I download my original recording without the Ai enhancement?

Yes, absolutely.

You may simply download your original recording from your Cloud account without any added enhancement, if you like. No problem.

Other microphones and recorders: Can I enhance audio recorded with other gear than the Sound Capsule?

Yes, you can.

However, you should be aware that our our Ai Enhancement is tailored to the technology used in your Sound Capsule. You can absolutely enhance your Wav files recorded with other podcast equipment and still get amazing results, but using a Sound Capsule will get you even better results. Since we have built our Sound Capsule from the ground up, using our own firmware and software, we have complete control over every single adjustment in all processes. Even though you can enhance audio from any equipment, using our Sound Capsule in combination with our AI enhancement, is especially good.

Music: Can I enhance my jingles, sound effects and similar as well?

Not at this moment in time.

Or rather, Cloud will still do the enhancement itself, but you will not get enhanced/better audio for audio content that is not pure dialogue. At the moment, our Ai Enhancement is designed and trained specifically to improve dialogue recordings, not to improve the type of audio that comes from instruments, sound effects, etc.

However, you can off course still use music, sound effects, etc in your podcast episode. After downloading your dialogue from Nomono Cloud, you just add the audio recording, music and anything else, into your preferred editing software, like normal (Audacity, Logic, etc).

I uploaded and enhanced some files and can't hear much of a difference - why?

Did you upload MP3 files? If you upload and enhance MP3 files, you might still hear an improvement after enhancing, but the AI processing needs the full and rich quality of Wav to work properly. There's a lot of information and layers in a mp3 file that has been removed in the process and that the AI enhancement needs to do a good job. In the end, you can download your fully enhanced MP3 file off course, but the initial enhancement should be done with Wav.