Audio storage

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Do you have questions regarding audio storage space? In this article, we will go through both audio storage within your Sound Capsule and within your Nomono Cloud account.

Audio storage within your Sound Capsule

To record with your Sound Capsule there is no need for SD-cards, WiFi, your mobile phone or any cables. Audio storage, and everything else you may need to record, is built directly into your Sound Capsule.

How much audio can I record with my Sound Capsule before I need to free up storage space?

First, for context, your Sound Capsule consists of:

  • 1 x Space Recorder
  • 4 x Four wireless Stellar Mics
  • 1 x Charging/travelling case

There is local audio storage, both on the Space Recorder and the individual Stellar Mics itself.

The Space Recorder stores your audio recordings on the go and can store approximately 15 hours of audio, using all 4 Stellar Mics. The exact time may vary depended on the amount of data they record (different voices and background noise contains different amounts of data). The maximum length of a single recording is 4 hours.

The four Stellar Mics are each are capable of recording up to 40 minutes of lossless audio (16 bit, 48kHz) by themselves. This means, that if they were to lose connection with the Space Recorder during your recording, they will still record and keep the audio safe. This also prevents choppy sounds with dropouts. After you stop the recording, the Stellar Mics synch the recorded audio to the space recorder.

How do I free up storage space in my Sound Recorder?

To free up audio space in your Sound Recorder, you need to connect your Sound Capsule to WiFi.

As soon as your Sound Capsule gets access to WiFi, all your audio recordings will automatically upload to your work space in Nomono Cloud. As soon as they have finished uploading, the original audio files on your Sound Capsule will get deleted, to free up audio storage on your Space Recorder.

Now you are ready to record again.

Lenke → This is how you connect your Sound Capsule to WiFi.

Storage in Nomono Cloud

How much audio storage do I have in Cloud?

This depends on your Cloud subscription plan.

Nomono Cloud and all of its features are currently available for free as it is still in Beta. Once Cloud goes out of Beta, there will be different subscription plans that you can choose from, with different audio storage capabilities.

How do I free up audio storage in my Nomono Cloud account?

To free up, or to receive more, audio storage in your Nomono Cloud account, either:

  • Delete one or more audio recordings
  • Upgrade your subscription plan (coming soon)

Tip: When you are finished working on your audio recordings in Nomono Cloud, download the original and enhanced files to your computer to free up storage space in your cloud account. You are always free to upload your files back up to Nomono Cloud at a later point if you may want to do so.