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In this article you will find two guides:

Guide 1: Have you forgotten your password and can't log in to your account?

No worries! Please scroll down to "guide 1: I have forgotten my password" on this page and you'll be back in in no time.

Guide 2: Do you already have access to your cloud account, and just want to change the password into a new one?

Please scroll down to "guide 2: I already have access to my account, but need to change my password".

Guide 1: I have forgotten my password

Don't worry if you have forgotten your password. It is quick to reset your old password and to make a new one. Follow the guide beneath to make a new password.

Step 1:

From the log-in page, click "Forgot password?".

Step 2:

Add the email address you already are using for you Nomono Cloud account and click the button marked "Continue".

For your safety, we can only send a reset link to the email you already have registered to account.

You should now receive and email from us, with a link to reset your password. Make sure you receive the email from us before you close the browser window.

If you don't receive any email from us, please continue to step 3.

Step 3:

If you don't receive an email from us with a reset link, please check the following.

1. Did the email you use contain any misspellings?

2. Check you spam-folder in your mailbox. Your email system might have mistaken our email for spam and put it there.

3. If you spelled your email correctly and the email isn't in your spam-folder either, click "Resend email".

Guide 2: I already have access to my account, but need to change my password

Step 1:

Click the circle up in the right corner.

Step 2:

Click "Settings"