DHL: "Shipment on hold"

Reading time: 2 minutes

When you track your shipment through DHL Express, you may have noticed that your order says "Shipment on hold".

Rest assured, your Sound Capsule is on it's way and will arrive very soon.

This label is just a part of the shipment process and there's nothing you need to update or do. This does not mean that your shipment is stuck or being held somewhere. Your Sound Capsule is on it's way and will arrive soon.

What's the reason for this label?

While billions of rechargeable and non-rechargeable lithium cells and batteries are powering most of the world’s consumer and industrial electronic devices, shipping them is strict - and especially by air freight.

Due to the Sound Capsule containing a total of 6 batteries, the shipment has to be labeled as "dangerous goods" when we ship it.

These are the batteries inside of your Sound Capsule:

  • 4 x batteries the Stellar Microphones (one in each microphone)
  • 1 x battery in the Stellar Recorder
  • 1 x battery in the charging case

When can i expect my order?

The estimated delivery date shown by DHL is when you can expect to receive your order. The "dangerous goods" label adds one additional day at customs clearance and is included in the shipping estimation. This brings the total shipping time to 4-6 days.